Make money on youtube methods 2019

Make money on youtube methods 2019

 make money on youtube

Create and use your YouTube channel. Your method is that you stay online.

This channel is available on every YouTube channel.

YouTube’s history is similar to more Google Maps and Gmail products for Google Accounts and Google.Create your account or use available.

Add words to help people find your address.

You can add words in the movement by passing the transition section of your options.

Make sure your records are important for your ideas.
Your username can attack or attack you.

It’s small, easy to remember and if made, people should remember you individually.

However, if you are using an existing address, you can always change your username and configure your Google+ address.

Add  created. Try high quality, long-term quality.

(This decision corresponds to the quantity of your usage) and try to keep it up and keep it with your writing.
Even if they are not original before, keep your records.

Education will be accurate.

The more you learn, the more you progress.
Improving your lifestyle and trying to develop more or better formats or software.

Try to improve things. Use a stroke, help a friend or clarify your photos.

It helps find the right answer, which helps the audience get better.
To help the audience to bring you into a constant position.

In addition to archives in a full table, if you want to store a lot of table, people can write.

Be sure to dig up your video with extensive content, as well as a visual description.

This will help people take your video from YouTube search.

Receive Visitors Creating an audience is important for increasing your money.

Those who love money to see your steps.

There is no secret to finding many authors, you can make the best for you, who come to you.

Put notes and try to follow people. Send your video to Twitter and Facebook.

What people offer. Promote some sites on the Internet.

Registered Customers To Change Your Partner

Discuss the comments, make time, and video videos and respond with your audience.

By joining your community, more members will come in that area.

Make money for your videos  To make money in the video, you want to

make money on Youtube


This means that YouTube allows you to promote your video. You agree that this is not the copyright of  your video.

Go to and save “My Channel” with the web page.
Click on the “link manager” link on high.
Click on the garden and enable it to earn money.

Be in love Last 12 months, 4,000 hours have been lost and 1000 writers should start withdrawing money.
You can earn money by uploading videos on Matte Ticket and looking at the “Business and New” box.

To monetize your video after installing it, start the “$” announcement beside the video you want to open and want to create your own video leader. See the “Money and Advertising” box.

Add Google AdSense You can install Google AdSense on the AdSense Channel .

Click the Start button now to create your address. You must be fourteen or more to do your own.

If you are younger than that, then you have an adult to help.

If you need a paypal or bank account and legal address and information address, then AdSense guarantees who you are and send money.

Due to the sale of advertisements, you have only a small amount of money, but it is only increasing.

It’s important to have viewers.

See your analysis. If you have some videos on the internet, you can analyze money and overview how they behave.

Click on an Analytics option on your channel.

The money described, advertised, watch the video

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