Best Small Business Ideas low investment 2019

low investment business idea

1. Start the blog low investment business start with home

 Best Small Business Ideas low investment

If you have been here for more than five minutes, you know that I like blogging. This is very good because you can start making money without focusing your attention to working on your spare time and concentrating on (you should sometimes get out of the busy schedule!) And spend lots of money. .

Websites today mainly benefit from different types of ads. You are at least familiar with some of these – something that is bigger (big) for ads displayed on blogs, sponsored posts (in which company gives Blogger to review a product) and affiliate (marketing).

Although there are many publishers about making a great reward with blogging, but most of them are just awesome. Blogging is not instantaneous income, but access constraint is almost non-existent. With clear vision and some solid strategies, your blog can earn money in a month or two and you can start working to attract advertisers.

Cost Include:

Website hosting: $ 3.95 less per month

2. Homework low investment business 

So, the cleaning of the house is not the most erotic of the domestic business options … unless we define the “sexy” demand in the form of discs, people are ready to pay for good and bad things. If you are okay to exchange some coals for Greece for job securities, it may be right for you.

Home and are sites that will protect your general liability insurance, if you want to do this (and do not need to insure it, I recommend it). Once you are rolling, you can save your profit for the cost of your insurance and then earn more money in the same job.

Cost Include:

General cleaning supplies
In most customers, vacuum and / or mop can be used, you can also choose to bring yourself

3. SAT Tutorials low investment business 

Test prep service is highly demanding in the tuition world. If you know how to stay calm under pressure and prepare life-defined tests like SAT, then someone in your community is likely willing to pay for your guidance and is interested.

You can rule with an agency which means that the customer will come to you but your students will be less control and you can earn less money. To earn more money, consider submitting private lessons. Private teachers can prepare up to $ 100 per hour in this area.

Expenses included

SAT Study Guide
Marketing, alternative (plus, word-original marketing is free!)

4 Reseller low investment business 

Currently a business from my favorite house-house is selling on Amazon and eBay. You can start with just one item to flip it; Get benefits on it and you are in business! You can also start selling unwanted goods around the house. (Books are a great place to start building your profits.)

Once you make your first profit, use it again for sale. As you learn about resale, develop an “eye” for what you do and then you will get a viable income on your hands.

Added value:

You decide! You can start from $ 0
Find Jessica’s free guide on Amazon’s FBA program
Pet Waste Management
This is another work that is in the category of ‘Cobbes to do it’. And people are ready to do this for you!

In most areas, there is currently about $ 10 per week for scouting weekly per week. You can not be rich with this but it can be a little good money maker. If your profit margin is quite large, you can always do a scooping app for neighboring kids who are looking to earn some money.

Expenses included

Plastic bag (anyone with a retail bag)

5. Free Writing low investment business 
One of the reasons for independent writing reasons is so popular that its price is very low. If you have an internet connection and keyboard, then you are ready to create a role. If you have a little money to spend, you can set your website under $ 20.

To get some of your first writing, check Craigslist or troubleshooter job boards. When you start, you can create an illusion on the sale of small stationery services on the liver.

Cost Include:

There is nothing for the job board
Fever for the same sites and nothing else
Optional Website Hosting: $ 3.95 per month
8. Virtual Assistance
You can start as a VA in many ways

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