How to Earn Money from Google 2019

How to Earn Money from Google

How to Earn Money from Google

Get money from Google – Besides being known as a search engine or search engine, Google’s popularity is surprising because us rumors it that fraudsters can provide internet users with financial benefits.

The words ‘nothing is impossible’ in this world is true.

If you think with creative and innovative ideas, you can get free enjoys Google Advertising Services.

Since Internet services provided by large internet companies are online in a collaboration with Internet users around the world, Google earns money online from the Internet.

Through Google AdSense, the simple things that seem like unexpected are meaningless, which can provide many advantages.

Given coming from Google, you are interested in broadcast advertising information which executes those or clicks to promote your blog visitors and visitors

So, you’re still thinking about how to use and how to start the service, just watch it!

Before setting up such a plan, here are some programs you need to take advantage of with Google AdSense:

Google Mail Account
Create a website or YouTube channel
List of services

After completing the program, it’s time to earn or manage it so you can enjoy your website or YouTube channel.

How to Earn Money from Google

1 Create a Website or YouTube Channel or AdMob you can create a website or a YouTube channel. Some testimonials say that instead of building a website, the option of making a YouTube channel is easier.

Creating is simple because you only register an account owned by the YouTube service, but the process of creating content on YouTube requires more skill.

Unlike the website issue, if you monetize the website, it’s important to know what is the creation of a website or blog.

The easiest way is that you can take advantage of blogs like bloggers or Word Press to become bloggers.

Blogger’s main work is to create blogs, publish quality articles, and try to be consistent and attract as many visitors as possible to your blog.

However, you must purchase a domain because the hosting site address is the place where all the stuff you have will store.

Some of these service providers, others include HostGator, Bloodstock, Goddard, etc.

Without the option of becoming a Blogger, you can become a YouTube user

which is a hobby for uploading videos through the site?

Google has synchronized with YouTube so that any videos uploaded to it can make money with the record, you must enable monetization for each uploaded video.

As a YouTube user, you need to create creative and original, to upload at least one video for the next video.

After more videos will increase the ability to earn money from Google

because your video viewer will add more subscribers (customer video), so your video will be quick to make money.

2 Create Interesting Content

Call it a website or a blog or YouTube channel, then you should find creative and interesting ideas to collect content, which can distract citizens.

The more visibility, the more interesting content, the percentage of your internet visitors will be higher, which will publish the YouTube channel with your website or blog.

Domino enables many citizens to go with effective, interesting content and a website, blog or YouTube

channel so that their percentage is also increasing to click on ads appearing. So you can enjoy ‘click’

3 Promote Your Content

Besides the interesting content, try to ‘steal’ the attention of internet users through other efforts. One of them aggressively promoted.

The ads you can make can also be different. Trust the money-making campaigns that earn more money.

You can also use social media to share your content on websites, blogs, and YouTube channels.

You can have a great way to promote social media.

Especially in today’s state of the art, almost all people are active in social media, often do not even make this information as the main source. So, take advantage of these opportunities.

Do not worry too much about a person’s tire and be careful about getting information again.

In fact, you can increase your curiosity so it has gone to a website, blog or YouTube channel that packs the promotional language you are focusing on.

We can also do other promotions with the help of the website, blog or the owner of YouTube

which are more popular for other channel channels, which many people you know.

The third part of the above campaign should be consistent and continuous.

Create an Internet user who is not interested in the beginning, does not care or they do not even know

Not everything in this world is common in making money from Google. So, follow every step you set and stop innovating to create compelling content.

After the process, you get better earnings per month from Google Adsense Ads, click better, it will increase.

For information, the click-through rate for Google AdSense ads is usually the US $ 0.1. So to get the first $ 100, you need to gather around 1,000 visitors who click on the ad.

If not entirely on the website or visitors coming to the Youtube channel, 10% will click on the ad.

Then at least you should visit 10,000 visitors every month or visit 300 visitors every day.

Tough? This may seem like the first, but if you are serious you can make interesting content so it will be easier every day.

If you collected the US $ 100, be ready to withdraw money. Please note that the minimum payment for Google AdSense is the US $ 100.

What is AdMob?

how to earn money google

AdMob is a Google platform where from Adobe we can earn money by displaying advertisements in our applications, which can be Android, iOS, etc.

It’s an easy way to develop an application and make money online.

You must also create an AdSense account and an AdMob account here.

Link is a link to how to create an Adsense account and create an AdMob account.

Best Home business idea for India 2019 – Online earn money
Admob ads
How to create an application?


Step 1
First of all, you need to check the URL for AdMob by visiting
Step 2
Provide AdMob Account – Provide the country’s name, timezone, and currency, and also manage the terms and conditions. Then click on “Create AdMob Account”.
Step 3
Let Google know your suggestions and let you know about updates. Verify your Gmail account.
Step 4
Verify your account and contact, yet ‘AdMob’ account.
Step 5
Now, go to your dashboard and click on apps> add your initial app by giving your app a name. Here, you must choose to stand your project, whether you have discovered your app or not. Now, choose an option for the app platform – either mechanical man or iOS
Step 6
Now you need to click on the AD ADD Eddy Unit button to select your project and create an ad unit.
Step 7
Choose your ad type from the bottom.
Google Advertising Content (banner or ribbon) opening, (full screen) area, and Rewarded (video) unit 3 square. Here, I am planning to select banner ads and shoot them.
Step 8
When selecting the banner type, you get the name of the ad unit to create an ad unit for this explicit project.
Finally, give your address, etc. we must pay Payment. You are through AdMob configuration for your app.

Step 10
Now, integrate your app with App ID and Unit ID in the app below.

Create a collaborator in the nursing app initial – in this example, I am exploiting three .0.1 with the Metal Man Studio creation. If you want to use a lower version of mechanical man studios for the development of the college, then see my article getting with mechanical man and coating.

Create a new project, provide project and site name, select ‘Phone and Tablet’ app class. Set anonymous SDK, click “Next” Nursing Empty Activity> Next> Choose Associate in Finale

Step 11
Build your project below –

Project File – Add the next champion if this file is not present.

projects {
Repository {
Google ()
Jenseter ()
Maven {
URL “”
build.gradle (module: app)
Add dependencies later between these files –
Implementation ‘ playervicesads: 11.6.0’
Step 12
Add the latter XML code to your activity_main.xml file.
Here, adUnitId = The default unit is intended for testing by AdMob as “caapppub8744339993361257 / 7857148840”. You will be able to use your Advertising Unit ID here.
Step 13
Then add calling code to your MainActivity.kt file.

Import the mechanical device

Category Menaektiviti: AppCompatActivity () Power Unit Addview: adview = findViewById (
Reading //
var addRequest: AdRequest = AdRequest.Builder ()
.addTestDevice (AdRequest.DEVICE_ID_EMULATOR) .build ()
// Start AdRequest
addview.loadAd (addRequest)
// Read the load with AdMob.

Step 14

Add web permissions to AndroidManifest.xml

Step 15

We do everything! Currently, you will create and drive your app for output.

Enjoy the best deal from Google

How? Interested in finding extra coffee from Google?

Do not think making money with Google is impossible. Do it, grow and enjoy the benefits!

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