How to earn money in Pubg 2019

How to earn money in Pubg 2019

How to earn moeny in pubg

If you’re a player, you know about Blankenship’s Battlefield AKA PUBG.

The PUBG game was launched in 2017 and the mobile version was launched in PUBG Mobile 2018 and this is the most successful game.

Now you definitely want to play this game, but playing PUBG mobile games how to make money.

You can earn money when you play in this exciting game with realistic fighting experience.

Yes, you can earn money by playing games, then how do you earn money?

Today you can earn money by playing DVD games on two large platforms.

Since I’m a lot more than a YouTube twitch, I’m just talking about YouTube today.

Do not worry if you do not have smartphones and special gaming accessories if you have headphones or earpieces.

As you play this game, all you need to do is stream on YouTube.

How easy is it to play PUBG Mobile Play Money?
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The first things you need to do
Smartphone – Millions of people using PUBG on your smartphone can also use your smartphone.

I personally recommend that you can use any Android smartphones but this Snapdragon 600 Series processor is a mid-range smartphone.

Snapdragon processor is the Adreno GPU which is excellent for this type of game.

Since they come, they come from
Headphones – This is one of the most exciting features that you can contact with friends while playing this game.

You should contact your voice on the live stream. Headphone headphone or cellphone live stream enough.
Google Account – For live streaming on YouTube, you need a Google / Gmail account.

Using a Google Account, you must create a YouTube account that will stream live your game.
Internet – The main thing is that, Geo Sim and Geo data for everyone is super cheap.

If your GO network is not good in your area, then you can use all other SIMs and other operators

who would like to thank you for the cheapest prices nowadays.

PUBG Mobile –

PUBG Mobile Version 50 Million Downloads Available in the Google Play Store This game is free

so you do not have to spend money.

DU Recorder – You have the straightforward streaming software for your game and the Duo Recorder is the best app for this.

This app does not have too much power and your live stream will be reduced because your app is running smoothly.

How To Stream:

How to earn money in Pubg 2019

First of all, you need to compile all the components and download the software application and then create a YouTube channel using a Google Account.

If you are new, you need to open a PUBG game and then

You can use Facebook or Twitter account or play guest mode without logging in.

Come back to the screen after the game is open.

Now you have to start recording applications, but remember to record with your screen’s instructions and password when you start recording.

But first, you need to sign in to YouTube rather than setting up the live stream video quality according to your network speed.

Then you need to select the screen recording option.

Now you’re ready, but before you leave, you’ll need to edit the YouTube live stream title and description.

There are some options like hidden / show chat, Show / show wild recorder watermark. Now you’ve gone live directly by clicking on options.

Turn on the Home screen and open a PUBG game and start over.

Your visitors must have a commentary while you are playing.

How To Publish Money Mobile: You live, people earn money by watching your live stream

. How? There are many ways to make money to play PUBGMONITIZATION –

this is the main source of revenue.

When your video is monitored by Google, your visitor will show you some ads and pay for ads.

It’s a little easier and has some controls.

YouTube presented new rules in February 2018 to see 1,000 subscribers and 4000 hours for monetization.

But do not worry about the big deal of live streaming channels.

If you are streaming 2 hours and 10 people every day, see 1200 minutes a day.

Within a few months you can complete 4,000 hours of hours and 1000 customers.

Zoomball Chat & Donation – After you earn your audience, your visitors send you money directly from the super chat.

Some people pay for your game. You have to mention the brand for a few seconds and you will pay for that brand.

Sub affiliate marketing – You can make money by linking your online product line.

When a person makes a purchase from a sale, you are buying a few percent from the seller.

Encourage competitions – You can win the award by accessing the PUBG Mobile Official Championship and increasing your law to increase your channel.

You can organize a PUBG Mobile Competition.

You can charge less and you can keep your money less than the money you earned.

You have room cards to organize the competition.

But you can play games and save points.

If you believe that you can earn money soon, you can become a popular YouTube player.

But with YouTube you can stream them on the TV. How To Play PUBG Mobile Games

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